Zoo Santillana Del Mar Cantabria

One of the most outstanding places to visit in Santillana del Mar is the Zoo and Botanical Garden, better known as the Santillana Zoo.

In it you can see different species of animals as well as enjoy a beautiful botanical garden in which nature lovers can see more than 300 trees and shrubs.

The Santillana del Mar Zoo is considered one of the four best in Spain. Of initiative and private management, it was created in 1977 by José Ignacio Pardo de Santayana and his wife Maribel Angulo, who remains today as its owner and director.

Since its beginning, the philosophy of the zoo has not only been to create a leisure center, but there has been a constant concern for the conservation of endangered species. This has resulted in many animals in danger of extinction having successfully reproduced there, thanks to the representation of their original habitat in their facilities, not only in terms of available room, but also in terms of temperature, humidity, vegetation, feeding… Some of the endangered animals born in the zoo are Orangutans and Sumatran tigers, Dorca gazelles, Przewalski horses and several of the smallest monkeys in the world.

This center currently has more than two thousand animals and 60.000 m² and is conceived as a huge botanical garden with explanatory posters, so that the walk between the visit to the different animals is pleasant, entertaining and educational. There are some themed areas, such as the “Garden of the Butterflies”, which recreates a tropical environment; the “Farm”, where the youngest children can know a multitude of domestic animals; and the “Quaternary Park”, a current replica of the species that inhabited Santillana 14.000 years ago, when the art of Altamira was created.


For more information: www.zoosantillanadelmar.com